Complex solutions
for Public Transport

About us

Beesset designs and implements software and hardware solutions for the public transport. We create, among others, dynamic passenger information, fleet management and electronic fare collection systems. Company provides comprehensive solutions including websites (frontend), specialized software for servers (backend), mobile applications and software for devices such as card and ticket validators, point of sale terminals, transport inspection devices, electronic cards, microcontrollers and IoT devices used in public transport. Their systems are not closed, they cooperate with, for example, traffic control systems to provide traffic priority for urban transport. An important element of company's implementations is comprehensive integration based on the data bus services and the canonical model idea. Company make sure that our solutions are safe and reliable. Besseet also explore the possibilities of using modern technologies in the area of ​​urban transport. They have created, for example, their own implementation of a blockchain database and they use it to distribute information about purchased tickets, blocked cards and people wanted for misdemeanors.

Besseet also carry out audits and consulmstancy services in the field of transport systems.



Our backend and frontend solutions are developed in technologies such as Java, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. We are also developing appplications for mobile devices from Android, Windows and iOS family. We know how to design and fulfil applications for devices such as validators, electronic cards, ticket sales terminals and microcontrollers.

An example of the passenger information system developed by us can be seen at Below we present selected screenshots of recently implemented systems for public transport monitoring, city card management and ticket sale and control.


Research and development

At Beesset we are exploring the possibility of using new technologies in public transport.

We have created our own implementation of blockchain database and use it to distribute information including purchase tickets, blocked cards and people wanted for extortion. Thanks to that, the data distribution is faster and more reliable.

We use modern data processing algorithms to provide more detailed information for passangers and public transport operators. We use IoT devices to register and share data. We use various sensors and communication methods to make transport space more inteligent and friendly.

When designing and developing new solutions we remember about safety and reliability. Passenger privacy is important for us.


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